Resentimiento y Desafío at MADS Milan

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Happy being part of an international exhibition at M.A.D.S Milano Art Gallery in Milan!! Named “Phìlo-poèm” which literally translates to “Lover of creation,” and it will open on May 21st.


is a digital gallery, the artwork will be shown on big touch screen monitors that allow the viewer to zoom in on all the details, as well as through live streaming (both here on Instagram and on their website – for those of us who can’t attend in person.

Resentimiento y Desafío at MADS Milan

Words from Art Curator Francesca Catarincchia:
“In the work under examination, he portrayed the model in a pose without doubt particular and contemporary. The bust, of which only one shoulder is visible, is represented in profile, but the face of the young woman is facing the viewer and is framed up and down by her own hands. The right hand is leaned under the chin, covering part of the right cheek and lips, while the left hand is placed above the head. The background disappears, it’s not what the artist is interested in, and instead we find some wide stripes of color. Mau skillfully mixes, with the brush and the spatula, different shades of red, a color symbol of strength par excellence and that in its darker shades is usually associated with strong emotions such as anger. This color is the real protagonist of the composition. Even the hair, eyes and skin of the young woman are of a different shade of red so as to better represent the feeling of resentment and defiance. The latter, however, is also given by the intense look of the girl. Mau, in fact, was able to visually and immediately represent these strong and corrosive feelings also through the expression of the model, an expression worthy of the Realism of the mid-19th century, a realism that eliminates idealization and embellishments and makes faces appear as they are. Human faces have no secrets for the Chilean artist.”

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