Original with purpose

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On my personal opinion, paintings should have some purpose, not just be done as a decorative piece. I respect any artist that wants to work only for the beauty. However, I’d like when art is used to say something meaningful. We should try to promote values, sentiments, or create some awareness about things that could matter. Well, I know that not always is possible.

I’ve always been fascinated with ancient cultures. Their body paintings, the accessories they use for dressing, they way to face life. Some of those have been exterminated or other are trying to survive on these modern times.

I love face expressions: the struggling or the resentment. For example, I like the wild look in the natives when they are photographed in their surroundings. I have tried to reproduce that look in my favorites models, my kids.

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Original with Purpose

You might buy artwork online. Large sizes are expensive and it could be meaningless. I like to design my work thinking that I am giving my small contribution to society.

Large Size

I am working with large paintings that include sizes like:

  • 47×47 inches
  • 40×56 inches
  • 56×40 inches

If you have any other specific size, let me know and I can manage it. Just send me a message to my Instragam

Friendly with the Environment

I like Latex (the same quality we use to paint our walls in houses) that can be managed with water. Less harm to the environment than oil and better lasting effect against UV rays.

All paintings are additionally protected with a thick layer of varnish to get more protection and lasting colors against UV rays. Easier to clean.

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