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Mau (Mauricio Rojas) was born in Santiago of Chile in 1974. He is married and is father to two children. Currently, he’s living in Texas USA and has been since 2015. Before the pandemic, he traveled for over 15 years, mostly to different countries in Latino-America and Europe, where he encountered different cultures, cuisines, histories, and especially art styles. Such art styles included the graffitis on the streets of Rio Brazil, building designs in Barcelona, or the Botero museum in Bogotá.


He spent three years of his life in the country of Mexico where he regularly visited amazing places, such as magic towns. These towns provided a lot of inspiration, the way modern buildings intertwined with old architecture, aided him in the development of his art style. Apart from art, he enjoys cooking and trying new South American and Asian recipes. Additionally, he loves music of different styles, preferable modern folk and alternative, and expanded his love for music by playing the guitar. His appreciation for culture encouraged him to learn Portuguese and English in addition to his mother tongue, Spanish. 


Most of his work has been in water-based latex paint and most of the time portrays emotionless women or men as models. He experiments with different styles, some derived from native cultures from South America, like body painting from selk’nam and rain forest tribes. He is passionate about representing either important events regarding social and gender equality, or the mass control and the loss of important values, caused by the technology progress. The intention of his work is to transmit and create awareness of ancient, in some cases extinct, native cultures all while adding a modern twist.



Bryce Hansen


Bryce Hansen is a West Point & Norwich Graduate, 12 years in the Army, Special Forces Green Beret Commander. Influenced through varying cultures having lived and worked in S. Korea, Germany, Dubai, Iraq and Afghanistan, and is currently residing in Dallas with his wife and 2 children. 


Bryce’s time in the Special Forces resulted in a predominant and persistent problem in his personal life, emotional detachment. Bryce’s return home from multiple combat deployments left him struggling to connect with his civilian roots. Surrounded by many people, but feeling detached, lonely, and angry, he realized that he had come home a different person.

Desperately wanting to affect change in his life, and needing to complete his journey back home, being present as a father and husband and friend, and a person who can love and be loved, he turned to art. “My art is a safe place where I can be completely open and honest. So, while I paint to be free, I paint as a means to relearn how to be vulnerable and love. Each piece is a starting point of a conversation.”

Art Background: 

Bryce started painting in 2013 after departing the Army, leveraged painting to sit silently, process and wrestle with different thoughts in his head. My style has be largely consistent utilizing a fine art approach to vectors. This is a process of breaking down an image into sections of like shades of color rather than micro gradation in shading. My first paintings only consisted of 4-5 shades and have since progressed to upwards of 20 shades. This increase allows for more fine gradation shading while staying true to the overall style of vector art. 

I have incorporated other prominent art styles in to various pieces to study their approach to breaking down an image into its components and adding new styles and interpretations. Some of my early work was inspired by Kes Richardson and others by Roy Lichtenstein.

Different Art phases/projects:

The first major phase I went through was more sublime sensual images that have gotten a little edgier over time. The female form and sensuality/sexuality is my preferred subject matter. I have done commissioned pieces for both individuals and couples.

My next phase started with a commissioned piece for the Navy Seal Foundation and Joshua Harris (Seal TM 6 KIA) Foundation. The painting went up for auction and was able to provide greatly need financial support to Special Operations Veterans and their families. The piece was inspired by a real mission in Afghanistan to capture a High Value Target. The painting depicted an Army Special Forces team quietly assaulting a Taliban member’s compound outer walls at night. Overlaid onto the painting was SEAL TM 6 Squadron Logo in Ultraviolet paint that can only be seen in a blacked out room with a black light. It was an experiment on my part, but I felt that the secret image that was very personable to the charity was also in keeping with the theme of a night mission and operating in a clandestine manner. 

This phase continues with more military themed paintings and more veteran charity based auctions such as:

  • Sons of the Flag provides no cost burn treatment and surgeries to veterans and first responders, as well as scholarships for doctors to become burn specialists. 
  • Adaptive Training Foundation provides access and inclusion to individuals living with physical or traumatic impairments by empowering them through exercise and community 


It wasn’t until 2019 that I felt I had enough pieces completed to present in a gallery setting. I have presented and conducted live painting in conjunction with Raw Artists, Adaptive Training Foundation, and Wright Twins Gallery. 

Current Project:

For the past year I have purposely gotten away from the female form and military themed paintings and tried to stretch my repertoire into images that capture thought provoking lyrics. Each painting has a lyric that inspired them from artists such as Tom Morello, Simon and Garfunkel, Smashing Pumpkins, The Roots. 

Tom Morello, famous guitarist and social justice warrior, often says that “Rock and Roll is armed freedom of thought.” I believe that art is freedom of thought visualized.  

Future Projects

I will build out a portfolio of abstract and geometric pieces. Additionally, I have a couple ideas that need to be flushed out in various pieces that circle back to a more mysterious sensuality using red tones and subdued lighting. 

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Charles McDowell

  • Born: Las Vegas.
  • Currently Living in Lewisville.
  • Inspired by: The void between mental illness and mental clarity.
  • Media: Mixed Media.

As an artist I work on controlled emotion. It can be a word from the outside source or a dream. Whatever it may be, it leads me down a journey. I try to bring thoughts to my viewers that may interest them. The journey that brings this to image is the inspiration that you may get from a child or elderly person. Most of my inspirations are from people I meet every day and daily experiences. The harmony I wish to convey is what I wish to come from my art.



Sam Juan

  • Dallas, Texas

My art expresses my journey into spirituality initially inspired by my need to face my unresolved childhood trauma and PTSD. Decades worth of trauma finally led me to a breaking point at the very beginning of the pandemic. Creating an expression of patterns, colors, and symbols allows me to visually show my process of facing these traumas during spiritual ceremonies, and what I am learning through this journey.


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