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Representations of extinct cultures with a modern twist. Showing partially the body painting and colors used in tribes located in the Amazonas Rainforest in countries like Brasil, Ecuador, Perú y Colombia (Tupé), and Southern extinct tribes from the Patagonia (Tierra del fuego), like the Yamanas (Selk’nam). A small collaboration to bring awareness of ancient cultures to new generations. 

All paints are in Latex (the same we use to paint our walls in houses) that can be managed with water. A technique learnt when I did two murals in City Council restaurant in Uptown Dallas over the end of 2019. After that, I kind of liked the texture and the fast dry timing, allowing me to paint additional layers to have a smooth transition between tones and colors over a few minutes. Latex also is more resistant to water and UV rays, and easier to spread over a big canvas.